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Gordon Roberts

Gordon Roberts

Gordon Herbert Roberts was born on May 29, 1952.  Gordon passed away on February 9, 2016 at age 63 after losing his battle with cancer.  His last known address was in Dearborn, Michigan.  Gordon was our friendly and very popular senior Class President.

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02/15/16 06:45 PM #1    

James Ohanesian (Discher)

My mind has been flooded with decades of memories, good times and adventures with Gordo. He was the "Wild Man" in Jr. High and the "Best Man at my first wedding". He was playful, had an infectious laugh and a huge heart for friends in need. His passing is a tremendous loss to countless people in the Detroit Area and across the country. You will be missed Gordy!

02/16/16 11:03 AM #2    

Frances (Sue) Molitoris

Gordon was always delightful!  We did a lot of catching up at our 40th reunion and I am very saddened at his passing.

Sue Molitoris

02/17/16 11:01 AM #3    

Bruce Yinger

Gordon and I met for lunch in Dearborn on a regular basis, We talked alot about all of the good times we both had growing up at Dearborn High and how most of the people we grew up with no longer lived in the area.

He was able to keep track of alot of people we all went to school with over the years and enjoyed their friendships.

He told me he enjoyed life and had truely done well for himself and really could not complain.

I was greatful I was able to tell him what a true friend he was to me.

I told him I would see him on the other side.

Bruce Yinger


02/17/16 04:34 PM #4    

Steve Grose

There are some people that you meet during your lifetime that leave a lasting impression. Gordon was just such a person. I lived in Dearborn for a relatively short time (2 years) but was fortunate to gain many friendships. Gordon was just such a friend and I was saddened to learn of his passing. I certainly didn't know Gordon as well as most of you but even during my short time there, it was easy to recognize his leadership abilities and willingness to befriend others. Gordon, along with other friends even found time to visit me back in Indiana when I moved back home. I will always remember him doing handstand push-ups during his visit. He was a man among boys......

I would like to share a story that I hope brings smiles to many of you that knew Gordon.

I was new to the Detroit area, fresh from the cornfields of small town Indiana. Naturally, I was in awe of the big city and its environment. I recall one night that Gordon, myself and others, (maybe Kaz, Clint Hogue, Doug Dinkleman, Bill Brandon ......I honestly don't remember everyone that joined). But I remember Gordon was a member of our crew. We went to a Piston's or Red Wing's game downtown....I don't know, maybe a concert. But I remember when we were leaving and walking to our car through an alley surrounded by tall buildings on both sides, in the dark of night. Gordon was trailing us and all of a sudden he screamed in his deep, gruff, man-voice at the top of his lungs, scaring the hell out of all of us. I can still see the smile on his face and the twinkle in his eye. He was surely one of a kind.

Rest in peace Gordon and thank you for being a friend.

02/19/16 06:06 AM #5    

John Szopko

I met Gordon in 7th grade when I transferred to Clara Bryant from Divine Child.  It's hard to believe that I knew him for 50 years!  We swam, played football and ran track together.  He was a great friend and we shared many many good times and cherished memories.  As others have mentioned, he loved his practical jokes but they were never meant to be hurtful.  As his friend you could always rely on Gordy to be there for you if there was anything you needed.  

I will share a memory with all of you as did Steve Grose.  It was Halloween time and we were walking down the streets in the evening probably looking for trouble.  There were several of us in the group and Steve Bingham had eggs in his pocket .  I saw Gordy walk up to him and start talking .  Then out of the blue Gordy hit Steve's pocket with his hand and broke the eggs in his pants.  We all started laughing our arses off.  Steve chased Gordy down the streets and through the neighborhood yards for at least a half mile. That even made it funnier!! We stayed in contact and went out to his place in Brighton and shared many a breakfast together all these years.  Gordon I will truly miss you my good friend.  Most people aren't fortunate to have such a close friend for so many years, I was blessed to have him in my life....we all were!😢

02/22/16 02:20 AM #6    

John Randall


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