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Craig Thomson

Craig Thomson died of lung cancer on October 20, 2014 at age 61. His last known address was in Haymarket, Virginia.  Craig had been ill since the spring time and was recently moved to a hospice facility. Funeral arrangements are pending. There are plans for burial at Arlington National Cemetery.


Craig in Key West, Florida - January 2011.


DHS Senior Year Pioneer Yearbook picture - Fall 1970


DHS Junior Year Pioneer Yearbook picture - Fall 1969


DHS Sophomore Year Pioneer Yearbook picture - Fall 1968


Adams JH Panther Press - 9th Grade Graduation issue - Spring 1968



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10/22/14 06:08 PM #1    

Stan Guinn

Craig was a good person....absolutely top drawer.  I was fortunate to know him and be able to call him a friend.  I will miss him.....

10/23/14 06:03 PM #2    

Byrne Solberg

Craig was one of my best friends since grade school at Howard to the present.  He will be missed greatly.

Byrne Solberg

10/24/14 11:30 AM #3    

Alice Plato

Craig invited me to the Senior Prom and if I can find the picture I will post it.   We both went on to the University of Michigan together.  He was smart with a dry sense of humor and those innocent early days of my life connected to him are fondly remembered.  Rest in peace and forever young....

Alice Plato

10/24/14 02:44 PM #4    

Catherine Copp

I have fond memories of Craig from Adams JH, DHS, the Christ Episcopal Church youth group, and then UofM, where (I think) we lived in the same dorm freshman year. All very warm memories.  After talking to Byrne about Craig at our 40th DHS reunion (Craig didn't attend), I communicated with him through this site.  I missed his presence at that reunion and will continue to miss him.  A very smart guy with a sharp sense of humor.

10/28/14 01:43 PM #5    

Roberta Wacker (Mundy)

I have very fond memories of Craig as well.  A great, fun guy.  Rest in peace.

10/31/14 11:06 PM #6    

Daniel Wisniewski

Somewhere, in the past years, I ran across Craig. Frankly, I'm not sure whether or not it was at the old 'Deaborn Hearing Aid Drug Crisis Center', since he lived across the street at the time or what. I always enjoyed being around him. I do remember a medical device that Craig and Byrne worked up to a working model, but I beleive the patent has long been lost.

As I see all of our ages getting to places many of us never believed we would have achieved, I'm amazed.

I've lost many friends over the years, from car crashes, to cancer, from other diseases, to losing friends that I never would have thought through time and geological space. Thankfully, I've not lost anyone to wars, bombings,terrorists, or plane crashes, boat accidents.

I, as I get older, am starting to revell in more listening of the classics on the radio ( and yes an occasional Alt-Nation songs/Jam-On, etc).... I miss the younger days of innocence, when I didn't know if our country was so divided, even if it was - and as its so divided now. These intentions were my not goals in high school. I don't think they were for any of us.

We again lose a friend. for many of us, a friend we knew years ago, in a somewhat more peaceful? time in our lives. We know, at our age, we all start to fail one way or another.

I'll Raise A Glass To Craig,

I'll Raise A Glass to The Rest Of Us

To Us, Whom We Never Knew, But Share Memories Of the Life And Times Of DHS 69-71




11/01/14 10:41 PM #7    

Robert Simon

Craig was one of my best friends back in 9th thru 12th grade. Nothing but great memories of a really fascinating, creative, intelligent, humorous, rebelous (in a good way) guy! Swimming Buddy, Party Buddy, Hang out Buddy, Hearing Aide Buddy! I guess I was lucky to work again with him on our 40th reunion, although I was sad he would not come attend it.

Losing Craig Thomson and Peggy Tomka in such a short time span, even after 40 years have gone by, sure make you think about all the good times you had with them.... It hurts!

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